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How much positive and negative
content do you consume on Twitter?

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How it works

Set up

Install the Tweet Moodifier extension available in the Google Chrome Extension Store. Make sure you enable the extension by visiting your browser settings page. The extension will never make posts on your behalf.


Once you’ve enabled the extension, select the buttons below your profile picture to explore the emotional sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) of posts in your Twitter feed. We use machine learning to classify each post into a different sentiment category.


Are you confused? Surprised? Concerned? Take a moment to think about what you see and what it means for you. To better understand your experience, we will present you two surveys: 1) during the activation 2) one to two weeks after activation.

Enjoy new views

You will have access to three new views of your Twitter News Feed


Tweet Moodifier is a Google Chrome Extension that enables Twitter users to explore the emotional sentiment of posts in their feeds. The extension is powered by machine learning algorithms that classify tweets into different sentiment categories: positive posts tend to use happy or surprising language; negative posts tend to use sad, angry, or disgusting language; and posts without strong emotional language are classified as neutral.

Tweet Moodifier aims to help social media users better understand which emotions they tend to consume on social media, and how these emotions can spread through their social networks. It was built by researchers at the Laboratory for Social Machines and Affective Computing group at the MIT Media Lab.

Please visit our frequently asked questions (FAQs) section to find more answers.

Note that Tweet Moodifier does not necessarily reflect the official position of the MIT Media Lab regarding the benefits and drawbacks of filtering out specific emotional content.


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